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1st Appearance of Slyde

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January 1986
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  • * 1ST APPEARANCE "SLYDE" (Jalome Beacher)
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* 1ST APPEARANCE "SLYDE" (Jalome Beacher)

A new costumed villain known as Slyde is making his criminal debut by robbing a bank. With his slick body suit he is able to skate across the floor to the teller window in moments. After robbing the teller at gunpoint, Slyde is confronted by the guards. Unphased by this, Slyde tosses his gun away and slides right through them and out the window and into the street. Meanwhile, elsewhere in town, Spider-Man is busting up a shady poolhall to learn who was responsible for beating up Nathan Lubenski the night before. However, before he can get any answers he is chased out by the owner. As he swings away the wall-crawler blames himself for not being there to protect Nathan and likens it to the death of his Uncle Ben, something that happened because Spider-Man failed to act. On a rooftop, Spider-Man wonders why he can't even save the people he cares about and angrily punches a chimney. Hearing sirens, Spider-Man decides to go and check it out in the hopes it gets him photos good enough to sell to the Daily Bugle.

A few blocks away, Slyde manages to keep a step ahead of the cops thanks to his non-stick costume. Evading them, he manages to force the cops into crashing into an oncoming vehicle. That's when Spider-Man arrives on the scene and tries to stop Slyde by webbing him up, unfortunately, not even Spider-Man's webbing can cling to the fleeing criminal. Slyde manages to trip up Spider-Man, making him land in the back of a fruit truck. As he crawls out of the truck, he asks himself how things can get any worse. Looking in a shop window he sees a mannequin that resembles the Beyonder and hopes he won't run into the god-like being again, especially after their last encounter. With Slyde long gone, Spider-Man web-slings away and heads on to the hospital to see how Nathan is doing. At that moment, Slyde has escaped to his home where he celebrates his first outing as a costumed criminal. He thinks back to when he was Jalome Beacher, a chemical engineer working for the Beemont Manufacturing Company. It was there that he developed a new chemical coating. However, the company was soon bought out by a larger corporation owned by a man named Rockwall and Beacher soon found himself out of a job. When Jalome attempted to start his own business, the banks refused to grant him a loan. As such, he decided to use his new coating to get him the money he needed through crime. He now vows to make Rockwell pay for screwing with his life.
 1st appearance of Slyde 

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