Marvel | Back To Amazing Spider-Man, The | August 1965 | Volume 1 | USA | 199 Owned
Early Green Goblin Appearance

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August 1965
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     Bring Back My GOBLIN To Me! 

    The Green Goblin brings Spider-Man's limp body on stage, much to the surprise of the Crime-Master. A henchman ties Spider-Man in chains but as the two criminal masterminds chat to each other, the sleeping gas wears off and Spider-Man tries to wriggle free. As the gathered mobsters attack Spider-Man, the cops flood in and Spider-Man breaks free from the chains and assists the policemen who now have been cornered. Spider-Man realizes he can’t catch up to the Goblin’s glider and instead chases after the Crime-Master. As he weaves underneath piers, he’s finally loses him in a thick green cloud of nerve gas. Spider-Man suspects that Frederick Foswell is one of the criminals and as he confronts J. Jonah Jameson on it, Foswell is invited into their office for a discussion. Across the way on a rooftop, the Crime-Master plots his revenge but in a struggle is shot by police. He laughs and begins to tell the Goblin’s identity but falls dead before he can. The police rush to Jameson’s office and personally thank Foswell for his assistance and Foswell reveals the Crime-Master to be Nick “Lucky” Lewis. Since Peter is tight on money, he decides to sell his pictures to a different publisher, Barney Bushkin, but decides not to in the future since he asks so many questions. Finally, we see Peter Parker sewing a new Spider-Man outfit together,while a unmasked Green Goblin (whose face cannot be seen) swears revenge on Spider-Man.
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    Comic Cover for Amazing Spider-Man, The (#27)
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