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3rd Appearance of Green Goblin

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April 1965
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  • 3rd Appearance of Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)
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Stories May contain spoliers
 The Goblin And The Gangsters! 

The Green Goblin shows up to a mobster hangout and demands the thugs to bow to his superior skill as he wants to take over Lucky Lobo's mob. The gangsters and the Goblin don't see eye to eye and the Goblin flees and gets a write up in the paper about him attacking mobsters. Pete heads over to The Daily Bugle's office, he sees J. Jonah Jameson meeting with Frederick Foswell (aka "The Big Man") and Jameson has hired him as a new reporter. Meanwhile, The Green Goblin is up to no good and gets a list of unreported tax income about Lucky Lobo's companies from a henchman. The Green Goblin gives the information to Foswell and he reports on it at The Daily Bugle. While swinging around, Spider-Man notices speeding police cars and a raid and watches as the Goblin throws a pumpkin bomb at one of the mobster's getaway cars. The Goblin leads Spider-Man into Lucky Lobo's hangout and leaves the two there to destroy each other. Spider-Man temporarily ducks away to call Aunt May and as the mobster follow him in, he traps them as well as Lucky Lobo himself. Lucky explains the Goblin wants to shove Lucky Lobo aside so he can gain control of the mob and be "boss of the underworld". As the Green Goblin and Spider-Man fight, Spider-Man runs out of web fluid and the Goblin runs out of tricks in his bag as he flies away. Yet, the Goblin doesn't have luck on his side as he finds out that the police have caught the entire Lucky Lobo gang.

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Comic Cover for Amazing Spider-Man, The (#23)
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