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1st Appearance and Origin of the Scorpion.

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January 1965
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  • 1st Appearance of The "SCORPION" (MacDonald MAC Gargan)
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 The Coming of the Scorpion!  

1st appearance "SCORPION" (MacDonald Gargan)
As Peter walks home from school, his Spider-Sense tells him that someone is following him home and he tries to figure out who, but comes up empty. Meanwhile J. Jonah Jameson is at The Daily Bugle and sees an article about a scientist who can create artificial mutations in animals. Jameson realizes he can use this to get rid of Spider-Man. We learn that the person following Peter actually is private investigator Mac Gargan, hired by J. Jonah Jameson to figure how he gets pictures of Spider-Man. Both Gargan and Jameson visit the laboratory of Dr. Farley Stillwell as Jameson offers the doctor $10,000 to mutate Mac Gargan stronger than Spider-Man. After the transformation, the doctor outfits Mac with a scorpion outfit, complete with an incredibly deadly tail. As Spider-Man decides to revisit The Daily Bugle to investigate, as he leaves, he's attacked by Scorpion. Back at the lab, we see Dr. Stillwell realizing the awful mistake he's made, and figures out that Mac Gargan will lose himself and become more evil as time goes on. Spider-Man and Scorpion are fighting, and Spider-Man gets his own webbing thrown back at him and lays defeated. Scorpion elated with his victory, defies Jameson and runs away to start his money-making crime spree. Dr. Stillwell catches up with Scorpion and tries to cure him , and in desperation climbs up a building after him but loses his grip and falls to his death. Scorpion and Spider-Man continue to trade blows when Spider-Man gets knocked down again and hears Betty Brant scream. Scorpion knows that J. Jonah Jameson is the only person alive to know his true identity and realizes he must kill him as well. Spider-Man defeats Scorpion but J. Jonah Jameson comes out as the hero for catching Scorpion in his office with no one knowing his true origin.
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Comic Cover for Amazing Spider-Man, The (#20)
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