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First Green Goblin II.

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September 1974
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  • This issue should contain Marvel Value Stamp #95 - Mole-Man
  • 1st Appearance of 2nd "GREEN GOBLIN" (Harry Osborne)
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Stories May contain spoliers
 The GREEN GOBLIN Lives Again! 

1st appearance "Green Goblin" (Harry Osborne)
Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are enjoying a nice Sunday together. They are enjoying an Ice Cream together and ready for a quiet evening at home, after having ridden horses in Central Park, a boat trip to visit the Statue of Liberty, and watched a Kung Fu movie on Forty Second Street.[1]
When Mary Jane asks which place they will go to Peter suggests his place to listen to his new Ella Fitzgerald album. Mary Jane believes they must do something about his taste in music and that he should loosen up. Mary Jane believes that lately rather than Peter being Demon Dull, he is bearable.

As they walk to Peter and Harry Osborn's apartment, Mary Jane worries that Harry is a little touchy about the fact that she and Harry used to go out together.[2] Then Peter goes to open the apartment door with his key but Mary Jane snatches it off him. Almost in the nick of time Peter's Spider Sense tells him that something is wrong and fortunately pulls Mary Jane out of the way of an explosion which demolishes the entire apartment. [3]
Peter rushes into the apartment to conceal his Spider-Man costume before the Police arrive. Forty minutes later Peter sits in a Hospital waiting room wondering if Mary Jane is ok. Soon he is admitted into her room as a visitor and soon remembers the recent past with what happened to Gwen. A scene shows Gwen falling from the Brooklyn Bridge, and the murderous rage which Spider-Man wanted to deliver to the man who had kidnapped Gwen. Later Harry Osborn puts on the Green Goblin costume and returns to torment Peter, while Mary Jane lies in hospital. A prologue at the end of this issue sees an agitated Peter at the Daily Bugle coming out of J. Jonah Jameson's office after having asked for a week of absence to deal with what is going on. Unfortunately Jameson does not grant him the week and says that if he wants a week off that he is fired. On his exit from the office he runs into Betty Brant who asks Peter what is wrong but Peter in strong words says he is had it with people butting into his business.[4]

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Comic Cover for Amazing Spider-Man, The (#136)
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