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Price Variant (15 Pence)/1st Vixen appearance.

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July 1981
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     "The Deadly Rampage of the Lady Fox" & "Grow, Little Growfish!"  

    Synopsis for "The Deadly Rampage of the Lady Fox"
    In New York City, the Vixen steals a van full of furs that belong to entrepreneur Mordecai Mule. Superman, attending a function at Madison Square Garden, learns of the robbery and gives chase. Vixen crashes the van into the river and the furs are ruined. Although Superman returns the wet clothing to Mordecai Mule, the Vixen gets away.

    The following day, Morgan Edge assigns Clark and Lana to check out Mule's illegal fur and poaching interests in New Delhi, India. Coincidentally, super-model Mari McCabe aka the Vixen is also bound for India to disrupt Mule’s market.

    Vixen knew that Mordecai would return to New Delhi because his finances were hurt from the recent robbery. Mule finds out that Clark Kent and Lana Lang are in India investigating his poaching schemes. He instigates a herd of elephants to stampede towards the reporters.

    Superman and Vixen join forces and prevent the elephants from hurting anyone. Superman constructs a coral made from tree trunks. Vixen apprehends Mule and leaves him trussed up in the back of a truck.

    Synopsis for "Grow, Little Growfish!"
    Off the coast of Virginia, Aquaman experiments with his telepathic powers by sending out a routine mental scanning wave. He discovers a large, gelatinous organism that rises up out of the water, and then immediately shrinks down in size. Unaware of what this species is, he contacts the Atom who teleports over to investigate.

    Atom shrinks in size and swims through the ocean until he finds the creature. He becomes trapped within the sticky matter of the animal and is forced to transmit an S.O.S. to Aquaman. Aquaman summons a school of swordfish to help break the creature up enough, so that the Atom can free itself. Leaving the creature alone, Atom reveals that its properties are similar to that of a puffer fish – it changes size as a reaction to danger. Aquaman's telepathic scanning wave had frightened it.
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    Comic Cover for Action Comics (#521)
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    1st Vixen appearance

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