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Perfect for browsing or if
you're just starting your collection.

  • Free User Profile
  • Unlimited Buying
  • Post to Forums
  • Contact Members
  • View Shelf Pricing Only
  • 2 Free Classified Listings
  • Store up to 50 Books Online


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Perfect for large collections and
maximum exposure to your inventory.

  • Premium User Profile
  • Complete Comic Values
  • Post to Forums
  • Contact Members
  • Printer Friendly Listings
  • 30 Live Classified Listings
  • Premium Sales Listings
  • Unlimited Buying
  • Unlimited Selling
  • Unlimited Collection Size

$8 / month


$50 Annually

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Perfect for growing collections
and promoting your available sales.

  • Silver Profile
  • Complete Comic Values
  • Post to Forums
  • Contact Members
  • Unlimited Buying
  • 20 Live Classified Listings
  • Sell Up to 300 Books
  • Store Up to 300 Books
  • Limited Printer Friendly Listings

$5 / month


$30 Annually

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