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Megacomputer Completion


1984-1991 | VOLUME 1 | MARVEL

Comic Cover for TRANSFORMERS (#)




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 2nd Print (No Indication in Indicia, November Bullpen and Ads)


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  •  "The Last Stand" 
  • Synopsis for "The Last Stand"

    Shockwave (First appearance)
    Dinobots (First appearance, Cameo) (On Computer Screen)

    With the revelation that Sparkplug helped the Decepticons come up with the means of converting Earth's fuels into that a Cybertronian would need to live off of, the Autobots and Buster are demoralized this news. Before Sparkplug can explain Huffer loses his temper leading to a quarrel among the other Autobots. Finding the situation too crazy, Sparkplug grabs Buster and makes a run for it. When the Autobots realize it, Jazz attempts to stop Sparkplug but putting a path of flame in their way with his napalm gun. This sudden action startles Sparkplug to the point where he has a heart attack. Needing immediate medical attention Ratchet transforms into his ambulance mode and loads up Sparkplug and Buster to rush off to the nearest hospital. As Sparkplug lapses into unconsciousness, he dreams about his time in Korea. In this dream, he recollects the time that he was taken as a POW by the Korean army and forced to use his mechanical skill to fix the enemies vehicles. Ratchet gets Sparkplug to the hospital in record time and he is taken to an operating room right away

    Meanwhile, at the military blockade in front of the Decepticons base, Megatron goes outside to mock the soldiers by allowing them to fire at him and laugh in their faces when they cause no damage. Returning inside he finds that the repairs on the other Decepticons is going well. Starscream tries Megatron's patience by questioning his leadership leading Megatron to angrily blast his insubordinate second in command. Megatron then sends Ravage to go spy on the Autobots and report back their condition.

    Aboard the Ark, Huffer shows Optimus Prime computer records that their computer collected over the four billion years they were inert. It tells them that five other Autobots, Grimlock, Slag, Sludge, Snarl and Swoop; were reactivated on prehistoric Earth and converted into being able to transform into Earth's Dinosaurs to deal with the arrival of the Decepticon Shockwave, who had just arrived on the planet. The records are incomplete and do no explain what happens as the monitoring probe was destroyed before it could record the conclusion of their battle. Curious, Optimus Prime orders a probe to be sent out and investigate what might have happened. With their fuel supply dwindling Optimus Prime orders his Autobots to prepare for the final battle.

    With this information, Ravage returns to Decepticon headquarters where Megatron orders a full-scale assault of the Ark. While back aboard the Autobot ship, in order to conserve energy all the Autobots go into status except for Mirage, Bluestreak, Ironhide, Huffer and Optimus Prime who all borrow fuel from their comrades to be a full fighting power. Suddenly the Decepticons burst into the Ark with lasers blasting and the Autobots and Decepticons clash. Meanwhile, the probe arrives in the Savage Land where it uncovers one of the robots buried there four million years ago.

    While back in the city, Ratchet is mistaken as a real ambulance and is taken out on various emergencies, and while Sparkplug goes under surgery he continues his dream. In this dream, he recollects how even though he was forced to fix the Korean army's vehicles in the war, he made a point to sabotage the vehicles to cause accidents that killed his captors.

    As the battle between the Autobots and Decepticon rages on within the Ark, the Decepticons begin to gain the upper hand. Megatron is about to destroy Optimus Prime when all the Decepticons begin to keel over in pain. They realize that the fuel they had been given had been tainted and they are summarily deactivated. With this unexpected victory, Optimus Prime thanks all his fellow Autobots for the battle that they fought when suddenly a laser blast rips through the base destroying them all. The blast is fired by Shockwave, who was reactivated by the probe,

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