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1963-2012 | VOLUME 1 | MARVEL

Comic Cover for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (#)


September 1982


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  •  Hyde... in Plain Sight! 
  • Following the end of Amazing Spider-Man 231, Spider-Man is reeling from an ankle injury suffered from an attack by Mister Hyde. Meanwhile, he is also trying to save Cobra from Mister Hyde, who wishes to get his revenge on his former partner. Mister Hyde flings several items at Spider-Man to incapacitate him, and steal Cobra from him, but Spider-Man is able to evade them.

    At the police station Marla Madison, Lance Bannon, and Ned Leeds are waiting for Spider-Man to arrive with Cobra, as he had promised to deliver him there. Growing impatient, they realize that Spider-Man is fighting Hyde and can't get there without help.

    Battling Hyde, Spider-Man decides to send Cobra to Hyde, albeit with a glob of webbing attached to him, which ties the two together. In the middle of the battle, Hyde destroys a watertower and causes Lance to fall off a building—he had tried to take pictures of the battle.

    Spider-Man safely puts Lance on the ground, but the latter is angry because Spider-Man didn't save his camera as well. With Spider-Man preoccupied elsewhere, Cobra and Hyde go towards Cobra's apartment so that Hyde can hide.

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