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Megacomputer Completion


1963-1996 | VOLUME 1 | MARVEL

Comic Cover for AVENGERS (#)


September 1979


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  •  The Call of The MOUNTAIN THING! 
  • Six Avengers arrive in Transia, barely surviving their Quinjet's crash-landing. Then Modred and the possessed Scarlet Witch attack, quickly defeating them. Then the Beast, separated from the others in the crash, discovers the armor and flying mechanical steed of a late Knight of Wundagore and, thus outfitted, he suddenly attacks, distracting Ch'thon and allowing the Avengers to resume the battle. All at once, Quicksilver realizes that Wanda's spirit now resides in the tiny marionette carved by Django Maximoff. Grasping the doll, the heroes pit their wills against the demon's, and Ch'thon's and Wanda's essences trade places. Pietro then flings the puppet into a chasm and the recovered Scarlet Witch causes the mountain to erupt, burying it forever. Sadly, Maximoff's heart gives out in the excitement, and he is laid to rest in the nearby forest. Modred, now virtually mindless, is taken in by Bova, and the weary Avengers depart for home.

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