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1962-1978 | VOLUME 1 | DC

Comic Cover for AQUAMAN (#)


November 1977


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 Origin retold.


Click the title to reveal the full story. Warning! Story may contain Spoilers!
  •  * Through A Past DARKLY! * Return To DISASTER! 
  • * KOBRA Guest Appearance (Jeffrey Franklin Burr)

    STORY 1: Aquaman returns home only to discover that Mera is missing. What he does find however is his old foe the Fisherman, lying in wait inside the Aquacave. He snares Aquaman inside a pressurized net. Aquaman's body chemistry cannot compensate for the change in pressure quickly enough and he falls over unconscious.

    When he comes to, he finds that the Fisherman has secured him to the solar panels of his father's old, abandoned lighthouse. Confident that he has at last defeated him, the Fisherman leaves Aquaman to his fate. As the rays of the sun dehydrate Aquaman, he reflects upon his childhood, growing up on this tiny island with his father Tom Curry and his Atlantean mother Atlanna. The memories bolster Aquaman's confidence and he eventually breaks free. He dives into the sea and begins his search for the Fisherman

    STORY 2: Mera consults with Vulko while young Arthur Curry, Jr. lies dying. Vulko tells her that the scientists of Dimension Aqua might hold the key to saving the baby's life. Mera knows that she cannot bridge the dimensional gateway to her homeworld, but she is determined to try. She finds a small spatial aperture and widens it with her hard water powers. As she enters Dimension Aqua, she is immediately set upon by armed guards. Leading the squad is the warlord Leron. Leron tells her that he has captured her scientist ally Xebel and that they shall both be executed

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