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Megacomputer Completion


1962-1978 | VOLUME 1 | DC

Comic Cover for AQUAMAN (#)


May 1978


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  •  The ARMAGEDDON Conspiracy! 
  • * BATMAN (Bruce Wayne) Guest Appearance

    Aquaman and Batman are trapped underwater in a titanium steel net. Batman uses a cutter from his utility belt before agents of Kobra have the chance to converge upon their position. Aquaman summons some electric eels to keep the terrorists busy, enabling them the chance to teleport to the Justice League satellite. Meeting up with Green Lantern, Batman explains that Kobra has confiscated the cargo of the Bellerophon, which contains dangerous hydrocarbons that Kobra plans on using as a weapon of mass destruction. After determining a strategy, the three heroes return to Kobra's current headquarters in Lisbon.

    At his tower, Kobra pontificates before his hostages, including General Horgan. He plans on using the hydrocarbons to destroy Lisbon as a show of strength, thereby demonstrating to the world that Kobra is a force to be reckoned with. While Aquaman and Batman raid Kobra's tower, Green Lantern attempts to disable the surrounding the villain's flying ark.

    Aquaman rescues General Horgan while Batman faces Kobra in mortal combat. Kobra uses his serpent's tongue whip to trip Batman up, then doses him with poison gas from his fingertips. Going to a wall panel, he activates a switch that launches several undersea pods that will spray the WMD into the atmosphere. Aquaman and Batman leave the tower and dive into the water. They confront more of Kobra's goons. Aquaman relies upon the local sea life to give them a hand and they prevent the pods from exploding. Kobra however, succeeds in escaping with his weapons however. Batman chastises Aquaman for letting Kobra get away, but the frustrated Sea King turns his back on him and returns home.

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