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Megacomputer Completion


1963-1996 | VOLUME 1 | MARVEL

Comic Cover for AVENGERS (#)


December 1975


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  •  GO West, Young GOD'S! 
  • "TWO-GUN KID" (Matthew Hawk) joins the AVENGERS this issue...
    Thor, Moondragon and Immortus have arrives in the year 1873 searching for their missing comrade, Hawkeye, however what they find are a group of that eras most well known crime fighers: Night-Rider, Two-Gun Kid, Kid Colt, and the Ringo Kid. Thinking that the time travelers are enemies, the cowboys are about to attack when they are forced to pull back when Thor calls down a thunderstorm on them. Overhearing that they know Hawkeye, Thor stops the deluge and demands that the group of western heroes answer their questions.

    Told that there is something wrong in the town of Tombstone, the cowpokes secretly smuggle the two Avengers and Immortus into the law office of Matthew J. Hawk, where they find Hawkeye alive and well. Hawkeye explains that when he left the Avengers, he decided to check out Dr. Doom's castle and use its Time Machine to travel back to the 12th Century. While traveling through time though, he was attacked by Kang the Conqueror and ended up trapped in the 1800's. There he found that the town of Tombstone had been invaded by Kang who has setup his own citadel in the middle of the city. Realizing the trouble, Hawkeye then assumed a less conspicuous outfit and russelled up all the wild west heroes he remembered reading about in history class. With the explanation completed, Immortus deduces what Kang is intending to do in this time period: To further his goals of conquering the 20th Century, he intends on conquering the 19th first.
    While in the present, Captain America, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, Beast and Patsy Walker are prisoners of the Brant Corporation after being defeated by their new super-agents from another dimension: The Squadron Supreme. Hugh Jones the owner of Roxxon Oil, and Buzz Baxter the former husband of Patty Walker gloat over their victory over the Avengers. Although the group are trapped in a cage that is specially made to contain them all, including the Vision, the Avengers and Patsy vow to break free and stop them.

    Back in the past, the three Avengers and the wild west heroes realizes that Kang will likely be looking at collecting a Uranium shipment aboard the Pecos Train and decide to foil this plot. Sending Thor and Moondragon incognito aboard the trail, Hawkeye and the others prepare to prevent the robbery of the train. When a team of train robbers attempt to attack the locomotive, Hawkeye and the others rush to stop them.
    The would-be train robbers fall right into the Avengers and cowboys trap, and each of the them are captured by Hawkeye, Night Rider, Kid Colt, Two-Gun Kid, Rawhide Kid and the Ringo Kid. With the uranium theft foiled, Hawkeye and the others prepare for their final assault on Kang.

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