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1990-1998 | VOLUME 1 | MARVEL

Comic Cover for SPIDER-MAN (#)


November 1990


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 About 825,000 Produced


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  •  "Torment (Part IV of V)" 
  • Synopsis for "Torment (Part IV of V)"

    Calypso's poison is burning through Spider-Man's system resulting in a severe fever and massive hallucinations. Instead of Calypso, Spider-Man believes that he is staring at his late adversary Kraven the Hunter. He recalls one of their more momentous battles, one in which Kraven buried him alive. Closing his eyes, he concentrates on Mary Jane. He regains enough of his sensibilities to focus past the hallucinations. He sees Calypso standing before him with the Lizard haunched next to her ready to spring. Spider-Man tries in vain to reach the mind of Curt Connors, but there appears to be nothing of his old friend's mind inside the snarling Lizard. Spider-Man regains enough strength to break free of his bonds. The coiled Lizard springs at him and the two begin fighting. In the scuffle, Calypso's braziers fall over, their contents igniting the brownstone until a giant explosion tears through the building.

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