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1990-1998 | VOLUME 1 | MARVEL

Comic Cover for SPIDER-MAN (#)


December 1990


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 About 825,000 Produced


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  •  "Torment (Part V of V)" 
  • Synopsis for "Torment (Part V of V)"

    Police cars respond to an emergency taking place on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Mary Jane is returning home in a taxicab as squad cars race past her, their alarms blaring.

    Meanwhile, the brownstone that Calypso had been using as her base of operations is a massive pile of burning debris. Spider-Man struggles to free himself from some fallen timbers. The Lizard rises from the wreckage as well and Spider-Man and he resume their fight. Calypso, insane with lust for blood and power, begins dancing through the ashes. Spider-Man pounces on the Lizard, but the creature effortlessly tosses him aside, then leaps on top of him. Spider-Man finds several lengths of chain and uses them to knock the Lizard out. He leaves him wrapped up in the chains, suspended from the rafters. He turns to face Calypso, but there is little he can do now. The building is ready to collapse. Spider-Man makes a hasty exit just as the burning walls come crashing down on top of Calypso.

    Later, emergency crews survey the wreckage. They find no trace of either Calypso or the Lizard. Spider-Man, tired and in agony, finally makes it back home to Mary Jane. In the East River, a green scaly hand rises from the water. The Lizard has survived.

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