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Megacomputer Completion

FLASH #139

1959-1985 | VOLUME 1 | DC

Comic Cover for FLASH (#)


September 1963


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 1st Professor Zoom.


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  • * 1st APPEARANCE "REVERSE-FLASH" (Eobard Thawne)

    A time capsule, a space satellite with time travel capability that can assist in sending time capsules into the future instantly has been sent to the 25th century. Among the items included the Flash has given one of his costumes to send into the future. When the inventor uncharacteristically flees a televised interview, it piques Barry Allen's interest enough to investigate the situation as the Flash.

    When Barry visits the inventor as the Flash, he learns that the scientist has discovered that the atomic clock they sent into the future would be altered by the journey and effectively become an atomic bomb. The Flash offers to travel into the future on his Cosmic Treadmill and go into the 25th century to prevent any cataclysm that might be caused by the time capsule.

    Unknown to the Flash, a citizen of the year 2463 was on site when the time capsule re-entered the time stream and crashed in 25th century Central City. He removes the Flash's costume and has intentions to become the greatest criminal ever. He analyzes the costume and reproduces Flash's super speed abilities in the costume. He then makes the costume to be the opposite design of Flash's costume. The man, Eobard Thawne begins calling himself Professor Zoom and is now dedicated to commit crimes as a Reverse Flash.

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