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1990-1998 | VOLUME 1 | MARVEL

Comic Cover for SPIDER-MAN (#)


October 1990


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 About 880,000 Produced


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  •  "Torment (Part III of V)" 
  • Synopsis for "Torment" (Part III of V)"

    Spider-Man and the Lizard continue to fight one another. Spider-Man notices that the Lizard is much more savage than usual, and there is absolutely no evidence of Curt Connors' personality. Spider-Man tries talking to him, but the Lizard is consumed by blood lust. The poison in Spidey's system kicks into overdrive until all he can hear is a thundering "DOOM" reverberating inside his skull. The Lizard prepares to rip out Spidey’s jugular vein, but Calypso's influence echoes within the creature's mind. "The Spider must suffer." Rather than tearing into his flesh, the mind-controlled reptile lifts Spider-Man's prone body into the air, and hefts it off the top of the building. Spidey lands in a pile of garbage behind an alley.

    Elsewhere, Mary Jane has been dancing the night away at a nightclub called Trixie's. Leaving the club, she sees a copy of the Daily Bugle lying in the rain. The headlines remind her of her husband’s current adventure, but she is confident that Peter can take care of things.

    Hours later, Spider-Man awakens. His head is pounding and he has trouble getting his bearings. He looks up only to see the Lizard standing next to the desiccated form of his late foe, Kraven the Hunter.

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