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Megacomputer Completion


1974-1983 | VOLUME 1 | MARVEL

Comic Cover for MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE (#)


April 1980


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  •  The Taking of Counter-Earth! 
  • With Moondragon having flown away in her starship with Her and Alicia Masters in two, Ben and Starhawk return to the Baxter Building seeking transport of their own. They take a Skrull Saucer, and with Starhawk's advanced senses to guide them, set out after the women.

    Her is seeking Adam Warlock's grave, which is, as Moondragon related, on Counter-Earth. Counter-Earth, however, seems to be missing. Its artificial moon is still there, however, and so the three seek answers there. They soon find the empty armor of he who created Counter-Earth (and its moon)- the High Evolutionary. Before they can do much more, Ben and Starhawk arrive, and battle is joined. Alicia, with her head in a space helmet, is unable to make herself heard. Eventually, Alicia makes herself heard, and the fight is stopped, though somewhere in the process Starhawk has changed to his female alter-ego, Aleta. Eventually, the whole group turns its efforts to trying to find out what happened to the High Evolutionary...

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