CPG Foundation


CPG proudly announces that we have started a foundation to help local charities, organizations, and people in need help. Our goals are very simple. We will unite creators, companies, businesses and do this together. CPG will be using all its resources to raise money for those in need and all the while endeavor to show those around us, just what our world is really all about. Great people with great hearts...and yes we love Comics

Some 14 years ago Comics Price Guide (CPG) started as a tribute to a friend and with the hopes to help unite collectors, fans, and all of us that enjoy what we have to come to love...Comic Books.
For so many years we the readers, the collectors have all held a strong unity with one another, but sometimes those around us have never shared our enjoyment of this art we call comics. Comics have many times been a way to escape reality, see a different side of the world, or for just plain fun. We have all at one time found ourselves lost in this magical world of print and art and this love never ends.

Over the years we have been involved with and helped organizations, conventions, individuals, and others in need thru charity work or simple publicity. We have seen the over whelming response from the creative community come together and help those in need and never asking for anything in return. We at CPG feel its time to pay this forward.
We at CPG have enjoyed fantastic growth these last many years and we want to do our share to help all we can. Why? Because it is simply the right thing to do and maybe, just maybe while helping we can show the world a new side to this world of entertainment. This world of fantasy.. the world we love. Together we can accomplish anything, together we can help those in need. How can this be anything but a good thing?
For more information please contact Rick Frogge at: rickf@comicspriceguide.com

We would like to introduce everyone to one of the charities we will be helping. They are Special Spaces (Specialspaces.org). This is one of the most unique and caring ideas we have seen for critically ill children. Special Spaces discovers what the child enjoys, what their hobbies are and they then build a room designed specifically for the child. It is an oasis or escape from so many of the life challenges these kids endure almost daily. It’s their Special Space. We hope to help these kids right away and as often as possible.

Special Spaces was featured on ABC's inaugural show Secret Millionaire. They have now grown to over 17 chapters across the country but are still grass roots. Each chapter is run by people, not committees. If you know any children in need of help please contact them.