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Hello all. Been a while since I posted in the CPG boards.Hope all is well. This image is from the facebook page of Hippy Comix:

There’s a reason for “the best Underground Comix inventory in a decade!” at the Hippy Comix booth. I asked Dan to sell a large part of my collection on commission. Several of the items sold but many did not. I took some home and left many items with him. If you are interested in anything contact Dan at Hippy Comix. The prices are reasonable, based on the guide. The prices are not set in stone and feel free to make offers.

Here is the list of items of mine that Dan has:

Amazing Dope Tales 6.0
Die Gretchen 7.5
Fark Comix 6.5
Fed's and Heads #1 First Print 3.0
Gas Comics 9.2
Gunfighter #2 1st 7.0
Marching Marvin 5.0
Mr Natural 1 CGC 9.6
My Big Banana 6.0 to 7.0 (Blue and Yellow version)
The Profit 5.0
The Profit 7.0
R Crumb’s Comics and Stories 1st 8.0 Signed by Crumb
St Louis Bug 9.2
Tales from the Ozone #1 2.0 (cover detached and split)
Zap #1 2nd 5.0
Bacchanal #1 1962
Head Comix hard cover book with dust jacket
The Sad Book - Green - First print
The Sad Book - Purple – Second print
There’s also some original art:
Gary Halgren - Mouse Liberation Front - Mickey
Gary Halgren – Mouse Liberation Front - Minnie
George Hansen – Jim Clean
George Hansen - Mr Nobody Gets His Rocks Off
George Hansen - Mr Nobody & the Somebodys

I also listed many of my items on eBay. Click on link than “See other items” under my eBay handle, comix-man. Feel free to make offers.

All the best to everyone.
Steve Bergier
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