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Talk about anything you want, so long as it's about comics!
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'Sticky' topic

Ruk's list-Who has the best collection

1234 ..15 | from ruk
10 days ago
from ruk
5832 292
'Sticky' topic

Post Pictures of Your Comic Room!

12 | from shadow
from lealew7
1482 26
'Sticky' topic

"Raw" Prices vs. "Graded" Prices

from shadow
from Supermanicflash
3653 11

Spiderman Vol4 #1 signed by stan lee. 9.8 in case

from bunder5
15 hours ago
from jokerbangedquinn
15 2

New Special Cover Reprint of G.I. Joe #21

from sclingerman
1 days ago
from Finley2020
57 6


from rixmaxx
3 days ago
from chipaway
116 16

EC Comics Discussion

12 | from ComicJoeSuper
3 days ago
from expander
260 32

Where Have All the Users Gone

12 | from kds_comics
9 days ago
from DarkKrytos
775 23

Why Do YOU Collect Comics?

from ComicJoeSuper
9 days ago
from DarkKrytos
114 8

Who's Your Favorite Cover Artist?

from sclingerman
14 days ago
from sclingerman
159 17

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly -Comic book reviews

12 | from rowden
14 days ago
from Gilgandra
415 21

Found tons of comics

from SRAC
18 days ago
from Finley2020
159 18

Your Opinion: Most Iconic Covers

12 | from sclingerman
26 days ago
from ComicJoeSuper
404 24

Uncanny X-Men Gains/Drops

from hoopstaj
from Defiant1
60 6

What book U bought at cover price that sky rocket

from jokerbangedquinn
from sclingerman
198 18

Comic Books for kids in hospitals, cancer centers

from redhood
from Defiant1
64 6

A Million Comics !

from sclingerman
from psmart
70 4

Finally! My comic to be published by IDW!

from jamesvenhaus
from psmart
260 10

Top Gains/Drops

from bplashka
from Oxbladder
210 9

Seven to Eternity

from Dcary31
from mczolomon
59 3
1234 ..7
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