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'Sticky' topic

Ruk's list-Who has the best collection

1234 ..13 | from ruk
from ruk
5410 253
'Sticky' topic

Post Pictures of Your Comic Room!

12 | from shadow
from lealew7
1438 26
'Sticky' topic

"Raw" Prices vs. "Graded" Prices

from shadow
from Supermanicflash
3207 11

Finally! My comic to be published by IDW!

from jamesvenhaus
2 days ago
from jamesvenhaus
229 9

So, I am ready to liquidate portions of my collect

from Fleazz
3 days ago
from Defiant1
183 13

r.i.p Bernie Wrightson

from dav1
8 days ago
from Robbie
48 5

What book U bought at cover price that sky rocket

from jokerbangedquinn
8 days ago
from lealew7
123 12

Planetoid Praxis

from prof2780
14 days ago
from prof2780
9 1

Seven to Eternity

from Dcary31
14 days ago
from prof2780
34 2

Zip Comics From 1941?

from Lewi0523
20 days ago
from Lewi0523
28 3

A Million Comics !

from sclingerman
20 days ago
from jokerbangedquinn
34 3

Who's Your Favorite Cover Artist?

from sclingerman
21 days ago
from DarkKrytos
95 12

Where Have All the Users Gone

from kds_comics
29 days ago
from kds_comics
532 8

Is there a market for comics graded 6.0-8.5?

from Pro-Novice
from mnaz21
131 8

Your Opinion: Most Iconic Covers

from sclingerman
from sclingerman
296 20

Avengers 4 1st Silverage Cap

from genuine_article_comics
from Defiant1
74 10

Treat Pedigree comics collection?

from isaias101
from crcovar
46 2

Anyone interested in a trade?

from TangoEchoKilo
from expander
97 2

Have found U.K. comics in my collection

from KarenYee1
from Defiant1
34 2

Story lines Question

from DisisDave
from Gilgandra
41 3
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