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Comic Grading Tips and Tricks

Discuss comic grading and how to evaluate books
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New to collecting Can you help me grade this comic

from warlocked
5 days ago
from sclingerman
48 3

"Moderate Bend on front cover"

from Itosukai
7 days ago
from Defiant1
133 11

Best of DC digest (and other digests)

from glennsim
10 days ago
from Defiant1
21 2

Need some help guessing the grade of this comic!

from seandb07
12 days ago
from Defiant1
120 7

grading old comics

from Eckoff
from Oxbladder
43 2

Question on Grading a comic

from jludley2000
from jludley2000
71 4

Ad pages removed

from glennsim
from Oxbladder
50 4

Books right off the shelves

from ComicFan70
from crockettartworks
688 11

CGC Turnaround Time?

from BburgDaddy-o
from joelej2190
381 9

What to call those black streaks white covers get?

from sclingerman
from Oxbladder
119 10

Need Help

from GoldendD23
from Jtolar
44 2

Which grading company to use?

from fourrpaws
from Oxbladder
125 5

Definition of "wear" on cover

from glennsim
from lealew7
60 2

Delivery date on comics...

from RJOssy
from netstuffers
94 5

Any one do grading of Treasury Comics?

from dogsupreme
from expander
288 3

CGC refuses to grade Jungle Fantasy nude variants

from Tera_Patrick_Fan
from Tera_Patrick_Fan
231 3

Opinion on Colllection

from ybtbone69
from rixmaxx
154 3

Can anyone help me guess a grade

from Evensiphon
from Evensiphon
222 9

Question about CPG valuations of graded issues

from Blairg
from Oxbladder
102 2

Increased Value of Autographed Comics

from BigSaddles
from kds_comics
188 3
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