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Our Valued Advisors

Spiderman had Uncle Ben. We have these fine folks...

Steve Borock


Currently Steve is the President and founder of CBCS grading service. He worked as the Consignment Director at Heritage Auction Galleries for comic books and original comic book art. He has been involved with the comic book hobby from a young age, starting as an avid reader, he began buying and selling while setting up at the Phil Sueling comic con in New York City to help pay for his comic book collecting.

Eventually, Steve emerged as one of the top collectors of Silver and Golden age comics, and he became known for having examined millions of dollars worth of high-grade comics during his collecting days. He has helped many hobbyists detect restoration before purchasing comics from other hobbyists and sellers. He has owned many of the best comics in the world including two copies of Action Comics #1, every Silver Age Marvel and most DC Silver Age comics in high-grade. Some of the key highlights in Steve’s comic collection were the Edgar Church/Mile High pedigree copy of Flash Comics #1, The Allentown pedigree copy of Planet Comics #, the Nova Scotia pedigree copy of Detective Comics #38, and the Edgar Church/Mile High pedigree copy of More Fun Comics #52. At the time Steve purchased the Mile High copy of More Fun Comics #52 it was the highest all cash transaction for a comic book ever at $115,000. Before CGC was established, he graded for Sotheby’s and Christie’s comic auctions. He is a grading adviser to ComicsPriceGuide.com and many of our industry publications and websites.

With over 30 years of grading experience, Steve has now graded more comics than just about anyone in our hobby. Steve has always been widely respected for his knowledge, ability, and integrity by collectors and sellers alike. This made him an ideal candidate to become the President and Primary Grader as well as to organize the CGC grading standards survey, which put him in touch with the grading opinions of a wide variety of dealers and collectors nationwide.

His oversight was, and remains, essential in creating and establishing the CGC grading standard, now accepted worldwide. Steve remains an active reader of comics and, as his position at CGC precluded him from vintage comic book collecting, he turned his collecting eye to original comic art. He loves that he gets to work in our hobby and prides himself in that he is able to protect it today and for future generations. Steve is also proud to be on the board of one of our hobby’s most important charities, The Hero Initiative where he helps past and present comic creators in need of our assistance.

John Chruscinski


Dan Fogel


Dan Fogel was born in San Francisco in 1965, and having spent his formative years throughout that fabled city's Psychedelic Era, was destined to become recognized worldwide as his generation's leading authority and historian of Counter-Culture, Underground, Alternative, and Adult comic books.

Fogel's been a creative force in Comix since 1989, as writer, editor, and eventually publisher of the best-selling Adult/Underground Comix line of the 1980s and 1990s: Larry Welz's Cherry Poptart and its successful spin-off titles. His credits for the publishers Last Gasp, Slave Labor, Kitchen Sink, Tundra, Yendie Boox, and Cherry Comics include multiple printings and foreign translations of: Cherry #'s 1-3, 5, 10, 12-15, 19, 20, Cherry's Jubilee #'s 1-4, the Cherry Collection trade paperbacks Vols. 3-4, Cherry Mini #'s 1-2, One-Fisted Tales #3, Hot Works, and Cherry Deluxe #1 with Neil Gaiman and Marc Hempel.

Since 1998 he's co-created and/or published through his companies Fogelcomix and Hippy Comix, Inc.: UG!3K, an Underground Comix history and anthology featuring work by R. Crumb, Gilbert Shelton, Vaughn Bode, and two dozen other top creators, the Underground classics S. Clay Wilson's Pork, Spain's Zodiac Mindwarp, and the Snatch Comics Treasury, the cutting-edge, controversial and satirical Kieron Dwyer's Lowest Comic Denominator #'s 0-3 and Fink!, the hardcore XXX Adult Star Stories: Felecia #1, Demi the Demoness #6, and Demi's Strange Bedfellows #2, and exclusive limited-edition prints by the legendary creator of Josie and the Pussycats and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Dan DeCarlo.

In 2006 Fogel wrote and published Fogel's Underground Comix Price Guide, the first new Underground comic book price guide in a quarter century. In 2007 Heritage Auctions licensed and released an updated digital edition. Fogel's Guide and 2010's Supplement are the industry standard and the indispensable resource for collectors, retailers, auctioneers, historians, investors, and fans.

Beyond the Independent and Small Press, Fogel's areas of expertise include the Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Ages to the present, Original Art, and Toys. A retailer for 34 years, he's personally graded, priced, and sold over 50,000 comics, and wholesaled at least as many. An Overstreet's Comic Book Price Guide Special Advisor since 1987, Fogel contributed to Comic Book Marketplace and the Official Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide, and is currently an Advisor/Consultant for Comicspriceguide.com and GPAnalysis.

Since 2007 Fogel has provided collectibles investment, PR/marketing and management consultation for such clients as Neat Stuff Collectibles, Nostalgic Investments, the Big Apple Comic-Con, and Big Wow! ComicFest. In 2009 he become the exclusive art agent for Dan O'Neill, Ted Richards, and Larry Todd of the notorious Air Pirates Studios, and in 2011 the literary and licensing agent for Dana Crumb Associates.

Greg Holland


Comic book collector for twenty years, specializing in Valiant comic books printed during the 1990s. Greg has been the author/administrator of the ValiantComics.com fan site and ValiantFans.com messageboard since 1999.

While receiving his computer science undergraduate degree in the 1990s, Greg began creating websites for family, friends, and his hobbies. The ValiantComics.com website was started as a reference for early Valiant comics (1991-92). Soon after, information and cover scans for all Valiant comics were added to the site along with an online price guide reflecting actual comic books sales records from auction sites. The Valiant collector community was given another outlet for communication through the ValiantComics.com messageboard in 2002 and migrated to ValiantFans.com in 2005.

Greg is also author of the CGC Census Analysis at www.gregholland.com/CGC which provides unofficial statistics and searching functionality for the data available in the official CGC census. CGC Census Analysis and related articles have been featured in a variety of publications, and are a regular discussion topic on the CGC messageboard.

Besides comic collecting and website hobbies, Greg's "day job" is data analyst for a consumer data corporation and graduate student at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Greg hopes to complete his Ph.D. in Applied Science - Information Quality in 2010. Greg has been married since 1998, and resides in a suburb of Little Rock, Arkansas.

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